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Share the Joy

Grow closer.

Take part in the community.


Save the Money

Buy less. Rent on demand for a fraction of the price.


Help the Planet

Live greener. Reduce waste.

Explore Our Categories

Hover and select to view items available to be rented. From Film & Photography to Drones to Clothes & Shoes. If you can think of it, you can find it.


Rent to Save and Be Green

Elephant Please provides a secured online platform where you can enjoy a diverse range of items at an affordable price. Renting allows you to enjoy items without worrying about budgets and storage problems. Not to mention that you can try out different things without buying all of them; for example, rent different camera lenses to obtain various effects.

Lend to Start Earning

Earn some extra cash by exploring your house for items that can be lent. You can easily start lending by entering a few details and uploading a picture of the item. Start and share the joy with your community.

What's Hot

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Central - Central & Western - Hong Kong Island

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For as low as HK$65/month, enjoy unlimited rental without platform service fees. More benefits to come. Join Elephant+ now. T&Cs apply

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Got questions? Get answers

Check out our frequently asked questions below.

What is Elephant Please? down

Elephant Please is an online peer-to-peer rental platform. Here you can rent to go green and lend to earn. Everything expensively cheap!

Why am I unable to rent items with a higher market value? down

Elephant Please has a three-tier identity verification procedure, which is a safe, simple and fast way to keep the community safe and secure. To rent an item with a higher market value, the renter must verify their identity with us. All personal data will be encrypted and stored securely. Together we can build safe communities.


The first level is email verification, the second level is mobile phone number verification, and the third level is government-issued identification document (photo) verification. After logging in, you may complete the identity verification process here.

What is Elephant+ ? down

For as low as HK$65/month, with the Elephant+ subscription, you can enjoy unlimited rentals without platform service fees. More benefits to come. Join Elephant+ now.

What happens if the renter does not return the item I lent out? down

Rest assure, Elephant Please has got your back! We have collected a Deposit for every rental, the lender specifies this amount. In addition, those who have not verified their phone number with us have an HKD2000 limit on the market value of a single rental.


1. If the renter does not return the item lent out by the end of the rental period, please first check "My Items" to see if the rental period has been extended.


2. If the rental period has not been extended, please attempt to contact the renter.


3. If the renter cannot be contacted, please "Initiate a dispute" via "My Items". We will follow through with the Resolution Policy.

Have more questions?

Elephant Please was established in 2021 to alleviate and bring awareness to excessive purchasing, over spending and its effect on climate change. Elephant Please is a member of Revision AI Limited.

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