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About us

Vision, Mission and Aim

Everything expensively cheap!


To alleviate and bring awareness to excessive purchasing, overspending and their effects on climate change.


To empower citizens of Hong Kong to live a sustainable lifestyle.


To provide a responsive online platform for its users to enjoy a diverse range of items while saving money, growing with the community and reducing waste.

Why Elephant Please

The “Elephant” represents endangered animals and is also an idiom where we say an elephant is in the room. Thereby we want to promote and raise awareness on sustainability, climate change and issues surrounding these themes. With the word “Please”, we aim to build an inclusive community where there is mutual respect and manners.


Sharing Economy is the trend. Join us in building a sustainable community.

At Elephant Please, we specifically address goal 12 of the sustainable development goals (SDG): “Responsible consumption and production”. Specifically goals 12.5 and 12.8. Use the lovely avatars we provide and learn more about these endangered animals.


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