Published on 08/04/2023

Online Renting/Lending: Creation of Green Community?

Different from traditional buying and selling platforms


We often see ourselves contemplating situations where we have an upcoming costume themed annual dinner, or a sporting competition scheduled in a few weeks time. We might think that it is not worth purchasing brand new equipment needed for this one time event but with anticipation that we will place this product at the back of our cabinets and not to be used again. Another option would be to go on traditional online 2nd hand buying and selling platforms to see if there are any cheaper alternatives of used products. However, this does not change the fact that after this one time event, we would have to either store this item and occupy additional space or dispose of this product, further contributing to our Carbon Footprint and causing a negative impact to the environment.


Online renting platforms like Elephant Please provides the exact solution in these situations. You can browse on our platform the item you may need to borrow for this one time event and do so at a fraction of the cost of purchasing it brand new. In addition, minimizing your Carbon Footprint as you were able to avoid purchasing a new item and reduce potential waste. 


If you happen to have accumulated lots of products in your home, you may also consider to lend your items on Elephant Please, earning some passive income while contributing positively to the environment.

Connect with like minded individuals that care about the environment


Being a member of Elephant Please, you can pride yourself on being part of the community that cares about the environment for developing a sustainable future. Our vision is to enable everyone to reduce our Carbon Footprint by minimizing the purchase of items we may only use a few times, at the added benefit that you can earn some passive income for those who lend their items, and save cost for those who are looking for rentals. Elephant Please will regularly publish some green living tips on how to further reduce our Carbon Footprint, for example on what items we may potentially already have in our homes and give it a second life to enable people who are in need to utilize it. 


Start browsing what our members are offering for rental on our platform, which in itself is already the first step to building a sustainable future. Happy browsing and enjoy the experience!