Published on 01/04/2023

Reducing waste in Hong Kong

Have you ever thought of how much waste you are disposing of daily? You may not be aware, but the daily plastic disposal quantity in Hong Kong is 2,320 tons, equivalent to the weight of 156 double-decker buses. Hong Kong, with a population of almost 8 million people, throws away 10,809 tonnes of municipal solid waste each year. (Source: Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, 2020). With the city's population expanding and the economy growing continuously, waste produced by the city is only expected to increase. At present, most of our municipal solid waste is disposed of at one of the three landfills in Hong Kong, located at Nim Wan, Tseung Kwan O and Ta Kwu Ling. However, these landfills are under significant pressure and are expected to be full by the 2030s, and given the limited land resource in Hong Kong, the city faces a dire waste and landfill problem. Hong Kong must plan to develop waste reduction strategies. One of the ways is to reduce waste via giving products a second life and sharing them with other people who would then not need to purchase a new product that they might only use once.


Elephant Please firmly believes that the adoption of online rentals can drastically reduce the amount of waste disposal, consequently leading to a decreased volume of trash being deposited in landfills. We are hopeful that this will help to alleviate the current strain on waste disposal systems.