Published on 01/05/2023

Surging demands of products leading to over-industrialization

Purchasing a new product has never been easier. We could make a purchase at the nearest store to our home, or a product is just a few clicks away from us from an online store. The mass marketing of products has also increased our desire for new products. As a result, our demand for products only continues to increase, leading to more manufacturers producing these products. We live in a finite world, and we cannot limitlessly produce these products infinitely. Over time, we will run out of resources to fulfill our consumption levels. Not only so, many pollution is caused throughout the product process. If we could reduce our consumption levels, we would be able to live in a greener world. 


Elephant Please believes that online rental can also reduce the consumption of brand new products, which will in turn lower the demand for newly manufactured goods. We hope that this can reduce the emission from factories.