Save like an Elephant

The only plan you will need to save on Elephant Please. Join now to save 5% platform service fee on all your rentals.

1 Month

HK$ 88.00 / month

HK$ 88.00 billed monthly

6 Months

HK$ 78.00 / month

HK$ 468.00 billed every 6 months

12 Months

HK$ 65.00 / month

HK$ 788.00 billed every year

Subscriptions automatically renew on your own billing cycles. Check out the Terms and Conditions of Elephant+.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elephant+ ? down

For as low as HK$65/month, with the Elephant+ subscription, you can enjoy unlimited rentals without platform service fees. More benefits to come. Join Elephant+ now.